Writing by Rasa

(The unpublishables, might as well feed them to the internet)

The Fabulous Adventures of Ionstrike
"All Leland wanted was what everyone wanted -- a decent job, a PhD, and a smokin' hot boyfriend. What he got was superpowers." Comic book parody, gay like Smallville fanfic and meta like Neil Gaiman. I haven't worked on this in a long time, but I do intend to come back to it because it's great fun.
(Cover art) (Kendrick sketch)
Dark Deviance, or the "fan" fiction that has no target audience
So there's this really awful series of romance novels featuring a vampire-esque race called the Carpathians, a race with a truly tragic shortage of females. "I see an obvious solution to this," I said, and so together with my roommate we, ah, fixed it. Gay, about the length of a Harlequin novel, it got out of control and turned into an actual decent story instead of a parody. Knowledge of the series is not a prerequisite to reading, just treat it like gay vampire romance (-_-;;) original fiction.

Fugue States
Stargate: Atlantis fanfic that takes Michael, the wraith-turned-human, and starts to explore what might have happened if he'd been allowed to stay on Atlantis instead of getting kicked to the curb. Unfinished and probably will be forever, since SGA is not a fandom I have any desire to write fic for, but I was too caught by the premise of this not to start it.